The world’s most ‘liveable’ cities (The Economist)

by The Economist, 18 August 2015

According to the 2015 “Liveabililty Index” these are the best cities to live in

  1. Melbourne (Australia)
  2. Vienna (Austria)
  3. Vancouver (Canada)
  4. Toronto (Canada)
  5. Calgary (Canada)
  6. Adelaide (Australia)
  7. Sydney (Australia)
  8. Perth (Australia)
  9. Auckland (Australia)
  10. Helsinki (Finland)
  11. Zurich (Switzerland)

The index based its findings on 30 factors spread over five areas: stability, infrastructure, education, health and environment.

Australia it seems, is the country to be living in.

Source: The Economist

Troubled youths (The Economist)

“On most measures Britain is doing well: last year its economy grew faster than any other G7 country, while overall unemployment is 5.6%, compared with 10% in France.  But according to the OECD, on one measure Britain still lags behind. The rate of those who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) is, at 12%, around the OECD average.

But British youngsters who leave school early are the most likely to be unemployed in the rich world.  But it also points to a more worrying trend among British youths. In a trend not seen anywhere else in the European Union, children of native-born Britons are more likely to be unemployed than the offspring of immigrants”

Source: The Economist