Capitalization error of proper names when using RefWorks

Proper names within the citation that should be capitalized are not (i.e. American, Texas, United States or the title of this article).

  • Explanation:
    If you check the citation for these records, the words may be capitalized within
    the RefWorks records. So why the change? RefWorks changed the capitalization due to the citation style selection. For example, APA style requires that only the first letter of the article be capitalized. Because RefWorks is unable to recognize words that should be capitalized, it follows the formatting exactly.
  • Fix:
    There are 2 steps you can take. If applicable, select the style “APA– No title casing
    applied ..” This tells RefWorks not change any of the capitalization. 
    The alternative is to
    correct all the mistakes in the final paper “by hand” after the paper is run through RefWorks.

Note: Don’t forget to run the paper back through RefWorks after you fixed any of these problems.


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