Alternative search engines that respect your privacy

I don’t know if you are aware of how your activities on the web have a directly impact on your results when searching search engines such as Google.

Search engines have changed their algorithms to track your every move.  Everytime you click like on FB, pin an image to Pinterest, tweet a tweet, add to Google+, check-in on FourSquare etc etc, search engines are working away building a profile on you.  So, when you do a search, search engines will retrieve information matching your profile the closest. 

What to do?  Well, you can logout of all your social media accounts, delete any cookies and delete your search history before starting a search OR you can use an alternative search engine not focussed on personalization.

Some options:


DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine for the privacy-conscious.  It does not log any personal information, use cookies, and  discards user agents and IP addresses from its servers.


Only uses Google to run searches.


It is the main search engine for the company running StartPage.  Uses a variety of sources, not just Google,  to pull information from.


Blekko does log personal information, but deletes it within 48 hours.

A nice feature from Blekko, you can disable ads entirely. – AskEraser

AskEraser is an additional feature of  When enabled, sets a single cookie in your browser and deletes all other cookies. 

Happy surfing!

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