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140 Tips to Building an Effective Relationship with Your Boss by Tony Deblauwe and Patrick Reilly, © 2012 ISBN: 9781616990909  –  It takes time and effort to cultivate any high quality relationship, and the relationship with your boss is no exception. Containing concise, direct-to-action tips, this book will help you successfully navigate the right way to manage your boss to the mutual benefit of both parties and the organization.

Dark Markets: Asset Pricing and Information Transmission in Over-the-Counter Markets by Darrell Duffie, © 2012 , ISBN: 9780691138961  –  Offering a concise introduction to OTC markets by explaining key conceptual issues and modeling techniques, this book covers the basic methods for modeling search and random matching in economies with many agents.

Managing Multiple Projects by Michael S. Dobson and Deborah S. Dobson,  © 2011,  ISBN: 9780761214939    –Explaining the characteristics of the three broad levels of multiple project management, this course guide will help you manage effectively in each situation, and show you how to plan and organize your work, how to influence other people who may not report to you, and how to get results.

Offshoring Strategies: What Response from U.S. Economic Policy? by Jagdish Bhagwati and Alan S. Blinder,  © 2009,  ISBN: 9780262015608 –  By examining the evolution of the captive center, this book identifies basic captive center models, examines strategies pursued by Fortune Global 250 firms, describes current captive center trends, and offers detailed individual case studies that illustrate each model.

Tackling Tough Questions: What to Say in Q & A by Dianna Booher, © 2012,  –  No matter how excellent your presentation skills are, be prepared to be peppered with questions. Full of practical tips, this guide will help you facilitate question-and-answer periods with clarity, credibility, and a connection that builds rapport.

What Do You Mean by That? Using Small Talk and Body Language to Increase Credibility by Dianna Booher,© 2012,  – Excellent nonverbal skills are a key factor in success, and this resource will take the guesswork out of how to communicate with credibility. Use this practical guide to help you shine in any situation.

Winning More Business in Financial Services: How to Score Big with Referrals and Networking by Michael Salmon , © 2012, ISBN: 9780071791847  –  Presenting a sustainable, repeatable process that will consistently get you in front of the right people, this step-by-step guide will also ensure that those people will hear what you have to say.

Write to the Point by Dianna Booher , © 2009,  –  Taking the pain out of the writing process, this concise guide will show you how to write clear, concise, compelling documents (email, sales letters, proposals, reports) quickly and get the action you want.

Profitable Training by Optimizing Your Customer and Partner Education Organization by Terry Lydon and Mitchell Levy, © 2012, ISBN: 9781616990749  –  Presented in the accessible and increasingly popular tweet format, this book allows readers to pick up bits and pieces of profitable training and immediately start to achieve great results.

Assessing External Job Candidates by Jean M. Phillips and Stanley M. Gully,  © 2009,  ,ISBN: 9781586441609  –  Well-researched and fully documented, this handbook offers techniques for evaluating a hire’s fit with the organization, group, and supervisor, and their ability to execute the company’s business strategy.

Assessing Internal Job Candidates by Jean M. Phillips and Stanley M. Gully, © 2009, ISBN: 9781586441593  –Discussing the primary goals of internal assessment, this thorough and systematic manual presents different methods for evaluating current employees, as well as different ways of evaluating a company’s actual staffing procedures.

Butterflies and Sweaty Palms: 25 Sure-fire Ways to Speak and Present with Confidence by Judy Apps,  © 2012, ISBN: 9781845907365  –  Presenting simple, yet highly effective exercises you can do at home, this book introduces ground-breaking solutions to performance anxiety that will carry you through even the most daunting experience of public speaking.

Critical Competencies for 21st Century Leaders by Lou Russell, © 2012, ISBN: 9781562868338  –  Presenting the fast facts and useful tips you need to lead yourself and your team to high performance, this Infoline will teach you methods for creating shared goals and processes, clearly-defined roles, and mutual accountability for your team.

Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy by Raghuram G. Rajan  Princeton,  © 2010, ISBN: 9780691146836  –  Tracing the deepening fault lines in a world overly dependent on the indebted American consumer to power global economic growth and stave off global downturns, this sobering book outlines the hard choices we need to make to ensure a more stable world economy and restore lasting prosperity.

How to Write Sympathy Letters & Notes: 40 Ready-to-Use Letters by Dianna Booher, © 2012,  – Are you saddened but unsure about how best to express your deep feelings in the face of sorrow or tragedy? This concise guide will help you show your concern in a heartfelt, yet appropriate letter or note.

How to Write Thank You Letters: 84 Ready-to-Use Letters by Dianna Booher,  © 2012,  –  Don’t miss the opportunity to cement relationships by forgetting to say thank you. Use this guide to make your thank you letter or note one that the recipient files away for years as a memento of your relationship and the occasion.

Pricing Segmentation and Analytics by Tudor Bodea and Mark Ferguson,  2012 , ISBN: 9781606492574  – Guiding students and professionals on how to identify and exploit pricing opportunities in different business contexts, this book discusses the various factors behind setting base prices for single products.

Rational Decisions by Ken Binmore,  © 2009,  ISBN: 9780691149899   –  Clearly explaining the foundations of Bayesian decision theory, this book is a wide-ranging exploration of standard theories of choice and belief under risk and uncertainty, and discusses the various philosophical attitudes related to the nature of probability.

Sleeping With Your Smartphone: How to Break the 24/7 Habit and Change the Way You Work by Leslie A. Perlow  Harvard Business Press © 2012,  ISBN: 9781422144046  –  Based on an experiment with a six-person team at The Boston Consulting Group which eventually spanned more than nine hundred BCG teams in 30 countries across five continents, this timely book reveals how you can “disconnect” and become more productive in the process.

Staffing Forecasting and Planning by Jean M. Phillips and Stanley M. Gully, 2009, ISBN: 9781586441586  – Emphasizing the importance of understanding an organization’s business strategy, goals, and competitive environment to identify what talents the firm will need, this manual shows how to increase an organization’s ability to improve its capabilities, reduce costs, and survive any economic environment.

Staffing to Support Business Strategy by Jean M. Phillips and Stanley M. Gully, © 2009 ,  ISBN: 9781586441616  –Exploring the relationship between strategy, advantage, and staffing, this guide shows that a firm’s talent philosophy and business creed determine its employment needs and explains that a company’s choice and execution of hires directly relates to its overall business sense and competitive edge.

The Legal Context of Staffing by Jean M. Phillips and Stanley M. Gully, © 2009, ISBN: 9781586441579  –  Well-researched and fully documented, this manual discusses key laws, explains the different enforcement agencies, explores bases for lawsuits, and illustrates barriers for legally defensible staffing.

Wait: The Art and Science of Delay by Frank Partnoy,  © 2012, ISBN: 9781610390040  –  Including accounts of celebrity “delay specialists,” from Warren Buffett to Chris Evert to Steve Kroft, this insightful book underscores myriad ways in which delaying our reactions to everyday choices––large and small––can improve the quality of our lives.

Your Brain at Work: Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long by David Rock, © 2009, ISBN: 9780061771293  –  Through a fictional account of Emily and Paul’s struggle to manage a blizzard of emails, calls, meetings and projects, this relevant book shows us how to not only to survive in today’s overwhelming work environment, but succeed in it – and still feel energized and accomplished at the end of the day.

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