What Will the Future Workplace Look Like?

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Increased global competitiveness and ongoing technological innovations create wave after wave of challenges for businesses trying to stay ahead of the competition. Over the next decade these factors will shape the future of work and impact key aspects of the workplace including workforce size, business strategy and management practices.


Here are a few predictions on how the workforce will change in the next ten years:


It’s a woman’s world


Ignore James Brown. A survey conducted by Booz & Company reported that up to a billion women are expected to join the workplace in the next decade. It’s thought that the increase will not only improve gender equality, but also encourage global economic growth.


To expedite the  rise companies need to facilitate educational and cultural changes in the workplace. Dr. Leila Hoteit, a principal with Booz & Company said: “Allocating capital for investment in women’s businesses is fruitless if women do not have the education and training to run a business successfully, or the cultural perception that they can compete economically with men. The measures needed to create change in each of these areas will vary according to a country’s level of economic development.”


There’s a view that the countries able to tap into entire talent pool will see higher growth, whilst world-wide research shows a clear link between empowering women and GDP growth, literacy rates, infant mortality rates.


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