Inclusive business initiatives: Scaling innovation for an emerging middle class

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Efforts to create innovations that can meet both social and business goals in low-income markets are fraught with unanticipated dangers. A study of 18 initiatives from around the world reveals how ventures can succeed where others have failed.

ChezINFO!‘s insight:

Ackn. Accenture – ". .. 

"Rethink the business model to build scale faster.

Because a for-profit organization may be able to achieve scale faster than a nonprofit initiative—it will certainly have the incentive to do so—IBI leaders may want to rethink their NGO relationships. Changing the ownership model is one way of doing so.

Africa-based Esoko shows how this can be done. Initially established as Tradenet in 2005, the company offered an SMS-based service to gather and disseminate agricultural data to customers such as individual farmers, researchers and traders in Africa."

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