Creativity for All

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A solid 21st-century learning agenda in the United States must move past either/or debates and put creativity at the center of children’s learning and development in this digital age.

KISs @GIBS‘s insight:


Excerpt   " . . .  focusing on the ‘how’ of education misses the points about the ‘why’ of education today: the cultivation of 21st-century skills that will enable youth to succeed in a digitally-connected, information-based economy. One of the core 21st-century skills that we need to prioritize as part of the U.S. educational agenda is creativity.

The focus on 21st-century skills arguably became vogue when authors, like Richard Florida in hisThe Rise of the Creative Class, began offering research substantiating a connection between creativity and economic growth and vitality. Then, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, in a 2010Newsweek article, sounded the alarm when they spoke of the "creativity crisis": The "creativity quotient" — an index similar to intelligence quotient used to measure creative development — in the U.S. has been in marked decline since the Torrance Tests used to measure creativity began to be administered. This is partially why we have President Obama rightfully calling for more focus on creativity and innovation in schools."

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