Are baby boomers more entrepreneurial than Gen Y? | SmartPlanet

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Are Gen-Y really more entrepreneurial than their predecessors?

KISs @GIBS‘s insight:

Ackn. Smartplanet  "

A new study released by Millennial Branding and found that 41 percent of Gen X employees — those between 30-49 years of age — and 45 percent of baby boomers — aged between 50-69 years — consider themselves more entrepreneurial than older generations, in comparison to only 32 percent of Gen-Y, those aged between 18 and 29.

“The internet has created unique entrepreneurial opportunities, not just for Millennials but for all generations of workers,” said Dan Schawbel, Founder of Millennial Branding. “We don’t see the same barriers to entry to starting a new business as we saw 10 years ago. Everyone has the technology to connect and now all you need is an innovative idea and a website to create a startup.”"

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