Map details which countries are welcoming to foreigners | SmartPlanet

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The World Economic Forum has ranked all countries by openness to foreigners for some surprising — and not-so-surprising — results.

KISs @GIBS‘s insight:

WEF  "

There are only a few trends in countries’ openness to foreigners that jump out immediately upon looking at the map: First, Asian countries (with the exception of Thailand) aren’t very welcoming — which, to travelers who have been to Asia, isn’t super surprising. Within Asia, southeast Asian countries tend to be more welcoming than, say, China or Korea, which fits with both regions’ reputations.

Second, Western European countries are very welcoming, but Eastern European countries not so much — again, probably not a surprise to those who have been to both regions.

But then, there are other areas of the map that are more confounding, such as South America, which is a mix of more open countries like Brazil and countries less welcoming to visitors such as Venezuela."

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