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How to research like a journalist when the internet doesn’t deliver

How to Research Like a Journalist When the Internet Doesnt Deliver.

Staplercide! The senseless murder of the Library Stapler

On a recent visit to leading Business School Libraries in the United States, I could not help but smile at their rows of staplers lining the reference desks.  It felt like home. We were not alone.                     This morning I got this article in my Inbox […]
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The 10 Weirdest And Most Wonderful Libraries In The World

What do camels, donkeys, UFOs, boats, phone booths, and tanks have in common? They can all be libraries. Confused? Check out these weird and wonderful libraries… See on

In Praise of Traditional Libraries

Some librarians like to disparage something they call the “traditional library.” The reasons vary depending on circumstances, and understanding the criticism is made more difficult because no one seems to agree on what a “traditional library” is. This article speaks of traditional libraries rather than “the traditional library” because libraries vary widely, and the only […]
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What’s a Library for?

What’s a Library for?  Scott Silverman See on – GIBSIccURATION What’s a library for?   Are there any contributions academic libraries in particular have left to make to the shaping of critical thinking? I will not say I have a comprehensive answer. I cannot even say that I have an original answer. But I am […]
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The Contemporary Space for the Contemporary Researcher

See on – GIBSIccURATION Filipinas Heritage Library is a special library dedicated to books and other materials authored by Filipinos or about the Philippines, with a focus on history and culture. For the past 16 years, it was housed at the Nielsen Tower on the corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues. But in keeping […]
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Teaching artists technology in the library – Library as Incubator Project

See on – Business education In addition to serving as places of inspiration and a venue for artists to showcase their creative work, libraries can also offer artists opportunities for professional development. In the creative community, professional development might mean workshops on website creation, business management, social media, and more.   Read more on […]
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10 Great Technology Initiatives for Your Library

See on – GIBSIccURATION Today’s hottest web and mobile technologies are offering libraries a new world of opportunities to engage patrons. Ultra-popular social media websites and apps combined with the availability of affordable cloud-based services and the evolution and adoption of mobile devices are enabling librarians to share and build communities, store and analyze […]
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The 30 Best Places To Be If You Love Books

See on – GIBSIccURATION Mark Twain said “In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them.” Mark Twain would have lost his mind if he saw these places.    Check out these list of best […]
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25 of the most beautiful college libraries in the world

See on – GIBSIccURATION Whether ornate or modern, digital or dusty, the library is in many ways the epicenter of a campus – at least for some students. It is at once a shining emblem of vast, acquirable knowledge, a place for deep discussions and meetings of the mind, and of course, a big […]
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