Working Women Are Japan’s Only Hope for Avoiding Economic Catastrophe – (Articles to GIBS campus, July)

Abenomics as feminism

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“Japan desperately needs more workers to offset its elderly overhang, boost productivity and pay more taxes. The workforce might also be more competitive if, say, more than 1.6% of executives at listed Japanese companies were women, as the FT reports. And though women have fewer jobs and earn much less than men, they tend to control the purse strings more than men, and according to Goldman (pdf), their spending has stayed more constant during the downturn. Here’s a look at the IMF projections of how female labor participation could boost GDP (“Northern Europe” female labor participation is around 80%)”

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How Women Entrepreneurs Are Transforming Economies and Communities

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(Photo credit: Victor1558) For the first time in 13 years, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) study of 59 economies shows that women are creating businesses at a greater rate than men in three economies and in four others, the rates are…

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Women in business

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